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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services. Choose a category on the right to see detailed questions for a specific service area.

If we haven't answered your question here, please get in touch with us and we'll add it to this list.

  • What works are planned for this year ?
  • The Road capital schemes being delivered in 2017/18 is available if you click on this link.

  • Why do you have to close the road to resurface it ?
  • It is necessary to close roads to carry out resurfacing for reasons of safety to both the public and the workforce, all closures are assessed to see if alternative methods of work can be used. All closures will have an alternative route signposted.

  • I am surprised to see that other roads, which appear better than mine, are being resurfaced first.
  • The scheduling of carriageway resurfacing is subject to surveys and modelling which predict the most efficient period in the 'life' of a road during which the works should be carried out. Although we see the surface condition and judge the carriageway upon this, the science delves far deeper than this and picks up the faults which we would not be immediately aware of, but which over time carry a worse threat to traffic and pedestrian movement in the area. During the intervening period we have a cyclic programme of inspections which ensure that the road condition is maintained to a safe standard.

  • The works which have been carried out in my street are of a poor standard, what are you going to do to ensure that they are improved?
  • All of our works are carried out to a contract performance standard. We carry out our own series of checks whilst the works are being carried out to make sure that these are met and if any works have failed these inspections or tests they will be rectified.

  • I have received several letters advising me of different dates for the works in my street, it is confusing
  • We have a substantial programme of works being carried out in the borough which is subject to change. This can be caused by different factors including weather, vehicle breakdowns and third party delays. When this happens we endeavour to notify residents on each occasion and we therefore advise that you take note of the most recent communication and any information signs placed in the street

  • My road is being resurfaced, will the lines be put back as part of the works?
  • When we resurface a road the road markings are replaced either immediately or within a few days for normal resurfacing. If a surface treatment is used it is necessary to wait until the surface has bedded in, after which the lines will be re-painted (this can be up to 2 weeks - warning signs will be erected during this time). We also check that they are compliant with the latest regulations and there may be some minor changes as a result.

  • My road is being resurfaced, but not all of it was done, why is this?
  • All roads in the borough are broken down into section lengths based on their condition. Not all of these sections require repair as a result of the inspections that we carry out, hence you may see only part of a road repaired. We continue to monitor the remaining sections and they will be treated at the appropriate time.

  • Why am I being disturbed by noise from the vehicles used by your contractors during road treatment works?
  • We have been investigating ways of alleviating the problem for our continuing road treatment programme across the borough. Our policy quite clearly states that due to Health and Safety requirements we cannot turn off the reversing alarms, and these can also cannot be below the noise of any vehicle directly associated with the works. In addition, vehicles must continue to use their flashing beacons for health & safety reasons. We have instructed our service provider that it is not acceptable for them to use their horns late at night, and this is enforced by our supervisory staff.

  • Why am I being disturbed by road treatment works being carried out at night?
  • When a particular road has a high volume of traffic use, then it is often more appropriate to carry out the road treatment works at night to minimise large scale disruption during the day. Working at night is also more cost effective and time efficient as more work can be carried out over a shorter time period, meaning that the road can be opened for normal use more quickly.

    Advance warning boards advising of imminent road treatment works are always placed on site, and a notice to frontage delivered to all properties directly affected by the works. This notice will advise of approximate timings and proposed hours of working.

    When carrying out night works MK Highways endeavour to carry out the noisiest of works by 11pm. However a certain level of noise is associated with road treatment works which is unavoidable, and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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