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New material used to improve roads in Milton Keynes

Our service provider Ringway has introduced a new palette of surface treatments to MK roads in order to extend their life.

Our service provider Ringway has through access to the wider corporate group worked with the Highways team to explore different treatments that can be used as new solutions to extending the life of the roads in MK and also reduce the number of potholes.

One such product is 'Gripfibre' Micro surfacing (pictured above - V8 Marlborough St) is a fast, effective and economical way to preserve and protect the road and pavement surface and is generally used where surface dressing is not quite sufficient or suitable but where a full resurfacing or reconstruction is not required. The surface is ready for use just hours after application. It improves skid resistance without producing many loose chippings and fills small cracks and imperfections in the surface with a capability to smooth out bumps in the roads.

To ensure the most effective surface, work is normally undertaken during the summer months with the surface being laid by larger vehicles (plant) on carriageways. The asphalt adheres best to a dry road surface and as such the treatment cannot be applied during wet weather.

'Gripfibre' Micro surfacing does require a bedding in period, which is assisted by warm weather. White lines are normally put in place 2 to 3 weeks after the initial treatment has been applied.

It also has the added benefit of costing approximately 60% less per square metre and therefore a much greater area can be treated for the same budget.

Latest news

MK receives £2.796 million Pothole Fund/Challenge Fund grant from DfT

Milton Keynes has been awarded £2.796 m grant by the Department for Transport who has identified that the funding should be directed towards repairing damaged roads, tackling potholes and repairs to bridges/structures.

MK Highways recovers over £500,000 in damage costs to highway assets

MK Highways has taken a pro-active step towards recovering damage to our assets caused by drivers on our roads.


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